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Is it a Violet? Is it a Pansy? Or is it a Waterflower? I came across this beautiful flower crochet pattern and was a little perplexed, not only about what kind of flower it was, but also about the instructions, which were half in Spanish. But after falling in love with the pattern, I decided to take it on, and when I found the spanglish a little confusing, so I’ve decided to re-write the pattern with alterations. Now you can learn the best way that I learn… with lots and lots of pictures. flowerblog (2 of 48)

1) Make an adjustable ring – make a loop with the end of the yarn over the main wool. flowerblog (3 of 48) Insert the hook into the loop, pull the main wool line and twist under the loop.

Round 1 – Yellow

flowerblog (4 of 48)

2) Chain 3, and then 15 Triple Crochet stitches (TC), so that you have 16 stitches in total on your first round.

flowerblog (7 of 48)

3) Pull the loose end on the adjustable ring and join the rounds with a slip stitch.

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Round 2 – Purple

flowerblog (10 of 48) flowerblog (12 of 48)

4) In the first stitch, Chain 3 then in the make 3TC in the same stitch. 

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5) Skip the next stitch, and 4TC in the next one.

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6) Repeat 6 more times. Join with a slip stitch. This will then be the beginning of your petals.

Round 3 – Blue

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7) Make a loop in the first stitch, and then insert into the adjacent remaining stitch on round 1, and pull the yarn through the top. Pull the yarn through both loops (kind of like a single crochet stitch)

flowerblog (21 of 48)

flowerblog (22 of 48)

8) In the next stitch make a Double Crochet (DC). In the next stitch 2 TC 2 chains(C) and 2TC, all in the same stitch! In the next stitch, a Single crochet (SC). This will make a scallop for your petal..

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9) Make a SC by inserting the yarn into the spare stich on the first round – like in step 7.

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10) Repeat steps 7/8 on the rest of the round so that you have 8 petals. Finish with a slip stitch.

Now you could stop there if you wanted to. But if you want to go the whole hog and add petals… l

Round 4 – Leaf stem

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11) Holding the front of the work towards you, insert the hook into the larger loop on the back of your work you created between the 1st and 3rd rounds. 6C.

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12) Turn around and do 5 Slip stitches back along your chains, and then 1 more on the loop between your 1/3rd round to secure the stem.

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13) Chain 4 to the next 1/3 round loop.

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14) Repeat steps 11 to 13 until you have 8 leaf stems.

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Round 5 – The Leaves

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15) With a lighter green and holding the front of the flower towards you, works from right to left at the base of the leaf stems, 3 TC, 1DC, 1SC, and then a 2 chain picot stitch at the tip.

flowerblog (42 of 48)

16) Work back along the leaf with a 1SC, 1 DC, 3TC to the leaf base and do a slip stitch at the base.

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17) Moving to the next stem, do a slip stitch halfway round the connecting stem and repeat steps 15/16 on the rest of the 7 leaves.

flowerblog (47 of 48)

And that’s it! Ta-da! You have a very pretty finished flower, complete with leaves. You can experiment with the colours with these flowers – I’ve gone for a multicoloured vibe with these.

Check back soon for a great way to connect these flowers and make something very useful…


Spain: Hen, Sea & Sand (and photos)

I got back earlier this week from a long European weekend away in Spain; a girly hen weekend with some of my oldest friends. There was a lot relaxing on the beaches in Salou – just 2 hours south of Barcelona on the Costa Dorada – spent a very fun day at a water park, and I was a tour guide for my group around Barcelona for the last day. There is a fabulous market in the middle of Las Ramblas called Boqueria Market, I would urge anyone to go visit; firstly for the food and secondly for the photos. Check out my Flickr to see the rest of my snaps from the holiday

Marzipan Watermelon

Pink Flowers

Tray of Sweeties

I love Barcelona Lollipops

I had a new photo toy that I took out with me for the trip, an electronic photo clicker for use with my tripod. It meant that I could take extra sharp photos, particularly at night, which was really useful for when I found these beautiful multi-coloured night fountains in Salou, that made beautiful patterns in the water. These might be my favourite abstract snaps to date 🙂

Water in the light fountains - Salou Spain

Water in the light fountains - Salou Spain

Water in the light fountains - Salou Spain

Wedding Gif

Wedding Gif

It’s wedding season! I have attended two of four this year already (nobody die please!), which means I have been a) drinking far too much champagne, b) hanging out with lots of lovely people and c) trying to take lots of lovely photos. The above was crying out for an animated Gif, the Groom at wedding number 2 with the groom Paul, very excitedly hugging his guests after the beautiful wedding ceremony. Afterwards was a cute village fete reception with games, including a coconut shy, which I painfully fell into during a family tug or war. Ouch! But such a lovely day. Congratulations Paul and Lauren!

Groomsman's Orange Roses

Multi-coloured cigs

Dinosaur Biscuits

Check out a selection of the best on Flickr and the the entire album for Friends on Facebook.

Make your Own Beautiful Crepe Paper Rose Flowers

Pink Crepe Paper Roses

I love fresh flowers in my flat for the homely touch, but this is a) expensive, if you buy the cut versions and b) deathly, if you are a un-green-fingered person like myself that eternally kills pot plants. This poesy of crepe paper roses is a cute living room/bedroom/anyroom addition for anyone needing the girly touch in their home, without the weekly expense. They are super easy to make yourself, and look fabulous and almost like the real thing. You could even go craft crazy and make a whole bouquet of flowers, different colors, the possibilities are endless! All you need is:

Pink Crepe Paper

Green Crepe Paper

Floral Tape

Wire (and wire cutters)

Flower Template from Martha – print template the normal size and cut the petal template a little smaller.

For a step by step how to make, check out the Green Wedding Shoes blog for the how to tutorial, where this craft project was inspired from.

Pink Crepe Paper Flowers

Pink Crepe Paper Flowers

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