rosieisread [at] gmail [.] com

I have a professional linkedin in profile.

I like it when people follow me on twitter on @rosiemrogers. If you have found me through the blog please drop me a tweet to say hello – I will be more likely to follow you back and provide more interesting exchanges.

My soul dances to crochets and semi-breves of the electronic variety via

I collect things from the interweb and put them in a Mondrian like box called delicious.

And like every other social soul on the planet, I am on facebook.

I also write as much as I can in my spare time and would like to get my words read by as many people as possible. If you would like me to write for your blog, magazine or any other media form please get in touch.

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hi rosie my name is helena and i found you through googling visual culture at brighton (extensively) – i am currently study something similar at central saint martins (criticism, communication and curation) but i havent really taken to london as much as i thought i would (i was sort of persuaded by my parents as saint martins is such a well acclaimed school) and see myself more in brighton – i did originally want to go there more than anything anyway but couldnt resist the temptation of how fancy csm is. I am in the process of trying to arrange a transfer, however there is very little student feedback available and i just wanted an honest opinion from someone who studied it. any advice or information that you could share would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hey Rosie, was great to meet you at Renegade Craft Fair at the weekend. Thanks so much for the post with my cushion. xxx hope our paths cross again in the future.

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