About Me

 My name is Rosie, and I am a writer, editor and a crafty collector. I have an eye for pretty things and I like to stick my fingers in lots of creative pies. My personal blog is where I document my interests, learnings, workings, creative eye-candy & going-ons. In my spare time – which I seem to get less of as I get older; I like to go out dancing to very loud electronica, cook comfort food in gigantic proportions; make crafty things, take lots of creative Kodak moments; philosophise about anything and everything with my friends, rearrange words about visual trinkets; dribble over the design in independent magazines and plot how I am going to take over the world of media. Social style.

I live in London and work for the BBC in digital and social media. I have to mention here what is posted here on my blog are my own opinions and are not in anyway those of the BBC. 

I am also a reviewer and blogger for other websites, and have previously written for The 405 eFestivals The Huffington PostFeminist Jumble, Red Bull Music StudiosBitchBuzz, Litro MagazineNarvi Media Blog, and Brighton Journalist Works. My writings have previously been quoted in The Guardian, and The Independent.

Do say hello! *waves*

Read more about my adventures in craft.

Read some of my wordsmithery.

Look at some of my photography.

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