New Year, New Goals

Resolution by elycefeliz on Flickr

Another year has rolled around already. ALREADY? In 2012 I have mastered the art of cross-stitch and crochet, worked on a lot of TV programmes and websites. Now is a perfect time to set up those goals and dreams that you would like/hope/wish/bleakly aspire to accomplish in 2013. I’m hoping that writing them down will mean that I will stick to them (or others will encourage me to stick to them too), here’s mine. Just a few.

1.) To post a blog post a week. Either for this blog, or others. Note: it doesn’t need to be writing specific, but it can just be something that inspires.

2.) Do more. Read more. Tweet more. Make more things. Take more photos. Go to more events. See more of my friends. Do more fun stuff.

3.) Make a video. I’m not saying I need to learn the entire mechanics of FCP, but at least make a short video and put it together.

Short, sweet, simple. Here’s to 2013!

Image by elycefeliz via creative commons on Flickr.



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