Rosie’s Tunes of 2012

Starry Starry night

Another year, another list. I am sure you music fans have read enough summary lists to make your eyes bleed, but here is another one to add into the best-of pot; my favourite musical stylings of the year. As always, it’s a lot of electronica with a few guitars hidden in there, but 2012 might be the year that I am finally starting to accept and, dare I say it, like R&B – see Usher and Everett James. Childish Gambino almost made the list but as I still can’t bear to like Community, that heart can beat somewhere else.

There’s two entries by John Talabot, so my album of the year has to be his masterpiece Fin. While there are several standout tracks, the record is a seamless after-party journey that stands strong in the age of downloads and playlists. This list, like the rest, is in the order of discovery and personal poignancy. And you can listen to them all in this Spotify playlist.

Nightcall – Kavinsky

So Will be Now…feat. Pional – John Talabot

Genesis – Grimes

Dsy Chn – Scuba

Modern Driveway – Luke Abbott

No.1 Against the Rush – Liars

Get Free – Major Lazor

Climax – Usher

Shot Through the Heart – Everett James

As a Child – Lone (feat. Machinedrum)

Acireams – Dauwd

When the Past was Present – John Talabot

Exercise 5 (September) – CFCF

Cool Party – Groundislava

Good Enough – xxyyxx

Champagne Coast – Blood Orange

Hanging On – Active Child

Steve McQueen (Maps Remix) – M83

So there we have it. My big tunes. Want to check out some of my old lists? Here’s the posts from 20112010 & 2009.


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