Trinkets from the London Renegade Craft Fair

On Sunday I visited the 2nd annual Renegade Craft Fair at the Truman Brewery at Brick Lane, London. I’ve been quite excited about this event for a few weeks, firstly to see other makers wares and get inspired for making more of my own. Looking at their instagram feed a was a little concerned for my bank balance, but I needn’t have worried, I was quite restrained! There were some gorgeous items on sale, and here were some of my faves.

There was quite of plastic jewellery at the fair – that Tatty Devine has a lot to answer for! At plastique*, I thought tape and turntable deck rings were very cute, but it was true lust at first sight of this synthesizer keyboard knuckle duster ring. Unleash the geek.

keyboard knuckle duster ring

I particularly fell in love with the designs at i am acrylic. The stars, spaceships and lightning bolts in particular really caught my eye, as they reminded me of the glow and the dark stickers I would put on my bedroom ceiling as a kid. I would have bought a necklace or two were it not for my metal allergy!

Rocket necklace - i am acrylic

Onto the fabrics, and these naughty but nice slogan applique cushions from Pink Minx are fabulous. Aparently ‘Fuck this shit’ is a big hit, but I personally think anything with a cunt on it is bound to make a statement. ie;  don’t mess with this craftster!

Fuck This Shit cushion - Pink Minx

And what did I purchase? Some cards from Lovely Jojo’s, as I particulary liked the simple but funny messages couple with the bright and bouncy illustrations, but I have since fallen in love with some of the drawings on her blog as well.

Nice one card - Lovely Jojo's

Everything is under control - Lovely Jojo's

I also got the chance to make a trinket of my own, in the shape of a paper rose flower. Thankfully this creation was a bit easier to complete than my own crepe paper roses, using card, a glue gun and the templates from Suzi Mclaughlin. Thanks for the workshop!

Rosie Rogers - Instagram - Paper rose flower

Well, those were the things that I liked, were you are the fair and spotted some other lovely items?


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