Reading & Leeds Festival, social tv style

This is a work related post from me, one of the few I make on this blog; not because I don’t get up to exciting things, but because I work on so many projects at any one time that it would be too much of an overload to share all the exciting online things that I make and do at the Beeb. This August bank holiday weekend I got the chance to work on the social media for my first BBC live event, Reading + Leeds Festival for BBC Three. My role was to shoot the photography at festival site out and about with Jen Long during the day, take image soundtracks of the performances in the afternoon to promote later, and shoot Fearne Cotton, Greg James and any interviewees that were popping in for a chat by night. It was a brilliant weekend, full of brainstorming for social ideas, lots of drawings, social games and most importantly learning of what really happens behind the scenes at live events. Here’s a few of the images that I took during the weekend, but you should take a look at the album on the BBC Three facebook page, as well as some of the picks in an album on the Radio 1 website. Can’t wait to do my next live event!

Greg and Fearne with those all important graphics

BBC Three - Reading + Leeds Festival - The Kaiser Chief's post jacket

Post jacket swapping with the Kaiser Cheifs

BBC Three - Reading + Leeds Festival - Foo Fighter Dollars

Foo Fighter Dollars flew into the sky during the Foo’s headline set. I caught a few!

BBC Three - Reading + Leeds Festival - Ultimate Kasabian superfan

We the crew drew a picture of the ultimate Kasabian superfan which proved pretty popular


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