Finished Cross Stitch – Malarky Graffiti

4 weeks of hard stitching and I have finished my latest cross stitch. You might have seen my posts showing off the work in progress but here is my finished embroidery, my first project from a completely new own made pattern.

Malarky Graffiti Cross Stitch

East London residents might recognise this cuddly multi-coloured bear, it’s a character created by Graffiti artist Malarky, as seen on the shop shutters in Shoreditch. I first discovered his street art in the brilliant Street Art Magazine VNA, and since I can’t walk down Brick Lane without encountering these cute colourful characters.

Malarky graffiti East London

Image by snakefightinglife on Flickr

I have been a fan of this London/Barcelona artist for a while, but inspiration struck when I saw his prints for sale at the Pick MeUp Graphic design fair. I was toying with the idea of buying a print for several months, but I then decided to make my own as a homage to his fun and playful work. Browsing through Flickr I was instantly drawn to the this bear, a) for the Bolt shades (it is the Olympics after all) b) for the colour c) for the gnarly gnashers. This hipster bear has attitude! To make the design I borrowed an image from Flickr, put it into Photoshop and modified to make sure the colours were all in blocks and there was no shading, put that image into Kit Pro App and then commenced stitching.

Malarky Cross Stitch

Malarky Back Stitch

And…. (and this is going to become a running them with my posts)… I couldn’t resist making another animated gif of my stitch in progress.  Note: The Gif doesn’t replay – yet – so just refresh the page to watch again!

Malarky Gear gif

Not sure what to do with my latest work, it seems like it would work well to be turned into a cushion cover, or I could stick in a frame. Not decided yet, but I am sure I will share it all with you when I do.

Now for the next project… this latest embroidery has given me the bug for making my own designs. Rather than cheekily copying designs from other people’s work I defiantly want to start drawing again and see if I can come up with some new patterns and designs to share with the world.



4 thoughts on “Finished Cross Stitch – Malarky Graffiti

  1. superb……brimming with delight at your nimble working fingers..

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