A photo mini break in Helsinki

This time last week I was in Helsinki. Bosskite had a gig in the motherland of Skwee, so I went along to help carry the gear and have a mini break in Finland. Helsinki may be expensive, but a beautiful design mecca, oozing culture and character. Here are some of my best snaps from the weekend.

I Love you Ballons

Club Sandwich and then some

Helsinki Cathedral... Almost

Helsinki Market Stall - Reindeer Horns

Helsinki Market Pansies

Temppeliaukio Chruch - Outside Rocks

Helsinki Temppeliaukio Organ Pipes

As Cold as Ice - Live Performance

Just my Type of Post Office

Check out the rest of my snaps at my Flickr.


6 thoughts on “A photo mini break in Helsinki

  1. Dude, the pics are awesome and the short and to the point blog ineedd we had some great weather ! Turku is now coming back to it’s old rainy days

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  3. Having just made a huge list of places I want to visit next year, Helsinki’s one’s ranking pretty highly as a place to visit on the way to that sky business. Looks amazing.

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