Make your Own Beautiful Crepe Paper Rose Flowers

Pink Crepe Paper Roses

I love fresh flowers in my flat for the homely touch, but this is a) expensive, if you buy the cut versions and b) deathly, if you are a un-green-fingered person like myself that eternally kills pot plants. This poesy of crepe paper roses is a cute living room/bedroom/anyroom addition for anyone needing the girly touch in their home, without the weekly expense. They are super easy to make yourself, and look fabulous and almost like the real thing. You could even go craft crazy and make a whole bouquet of flowers, different colors, the possibilities are endless! All you need is:

Pink Crepe Paper

Green Crepe Paper

Floral Tape

Wire (and wire cutters)

Flower Template from Martha – print template the normal size and cut the petal template a little smaller.

For a step by step how to make, check out the Green Wedding Shoes blog for the how to tutorial, where this craft project was inspired from.

Pink Crepe Paper Flowers

Pink Crepe Paper Flowers

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6 thoughts on “Make your Own Beautiful Crepe Paper Rose Flowers

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  3. They petals geniunely look like the real deal !! Very clever. Am going to try this with my daughter

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