What’s better than a Cross Stitch? An Animated Gif Cross Stitch!

For my latest adventure in cross stitch, I decided to go one step further from my last craft project and make an animated gif out of my stitching. Using another Day of the Dead Sugar Skull design from the awesome Bombastitch. It’s my first animated Gif made with Adobe (rather than the India gif made with an online program), made of no less than 191 photos, with the final animation made in a combination of After Effects and Photoshop. It’s a little jumpy, both position and exposure wise, for a few reasons. Because I was stitching both in the evenings and the daytime over a two-week period, the variable light conditions meant the images needed Lightroom adjusting, which was difficult to make all 191 images exactly the same. The image moves because I don’t own a full tripod, so taking the photo at exactly the same position was also tricky. These are all excuses I know, but for a first attempt I am pretty chuffed, knowing it was a bit of a beast of a project. Expect more creative animated gifs from me in the future as my embroidery and technical skills get better…


5 thoughts on “What’s better than a Cross Stitch? An Animated Gif Cross Stitch!

  1. That is seriously clever! Love it ~ I could watch it over and over!

  2. WOW! So super awesome!!!!!

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