Arty Birthday Presents

It was my boyfriends birthday earlier this week. Because I, a) have such  amazing taste, b) am such a big-headed wanker, and c) have already had a few ‘where did you get that’ type questions from people, I am going to share my gifts with you all, so if you are stuck for ideas you can go and buy them too!

Ross's birthday presents

1)  Yellow and Orange Hot Dog Scarf by Lazy OafSassy (if a bit hipster) clothing and awesome stationary. First spotted on the awesome Blog and Buy Sale – which if you are ever stuck for present ideas is a great place to commence searching.

2) T-Shirt – design and print by Mimi Leung, discovered and purchased at Pick Me Up. Bright Bold and Brilliant.

3) Print – It has been a running joke for weeks that I might purchase another synth for his set up, so I got a Korg, a Roland and a MiniMoog in on print. Just don’t ask me which one is which. Print by Jan Skácelík via Esty

4) Guitar Picks, by David Shrigley, purchased at his current exhibition at the Hayward Gallery which is worth a visit. Just incase you can’t see it in the picture, they say TWAT, and BACK IN 5 MINS. 😀

Now go forth and buy!


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