Cross stitch fantastic,very Bombastitch….

I have a new addiction. Two months ago it was mobile phone Sudoku. Now I spun into the crafty web that is cross stitch. And I am hooked… It all started with the desire to do something with my craft hands while relaxing in front of the telly – which I have been watching a lot more of since a) starting my new job working on web-pages for tv programmes and b) we bought a 42″ inch flat screen electric box. I’ve been doing quite a few crafty things, making paper flowers, collage, but I’ve been looking to start a cross stitch project for ages. And then, while browsing Etsy looking for my first starter kit, it was love at first sight with this item from Etsy seller Bombastitch.

Sugar Skull Cross Stitch kit

This cute and beginner friendly, Day of the Dead sugar skull cross stitch pattern was my first foray into cross stitch and has very much got my hooked. From the moment the box arrived I have been therapeutically stitching away every spare moment that I had, in front of the telly, in the car, even in bed. There was many a moment where I was tempted to take it on the tube, but I stopped myself for fear of early grannyhood and took a book instead. But even then I longed to stitch.

Cross stitch in progress

The piece took me just over two weeks to complete (I am a very slow stitcher) and I’m just a little bit chuffed with it. I am now scouring the internet trying to find a plain black Oval frame (can’t find any ANYWHERE) and I have already bought my next pattern, again from Bombastitch’s shop, all of which are her own designs. So if you are looking for a fun evening pastime (and not that expensive compared to something by Emily Peacock) I’d recommend buying one of Kristy’s starter kits. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, needle, thread, hoop and adia cloth, with a bit of additiveness thrown in for fun. This this lady is so nice, she is even giving patterns away for free on Flickr!

Now to start my next adventure in cross stitch…


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