10 Blogging Tips from the Professionals that Could Change your Life (it did for them!)

Has blogging changed your life? From blogging online to writing books, starting new careers to making new friends; for four bloggers it has defiantly changed their life for the better. Matt Brown from Londonist, Annie Mole from Going Underground, Sian Meades from Domestic Sluttery & Tom Jones from Tired of London Tired of Life, all came along to the London Bloggers Meetup to share their life changing writing experiences to a packed room of eager bloggers. But what advice on how to blog did they share to those seeking online glory at Social Media Week?

Person working on a Mac computer - L'Ubuesque Boîte à Savon via Flickr

  1. You don’t need to be a (good) writer. Have a special experience. Share it. Even if it is erotic poetry.
  2. If you don’t like what you are writing, or can’t find the words, quit writing the post. Don’t feel like writing? Take a break. As long as necessary.
  3. Blog often. The more you write, the more you share, the more you are engaging with your audience.
  4. The best blogging platform? Most of the blogs above use Blogger, but if they had to do it all again they would use WordPress. Design is important, but so is control.
  5. Work to a formula and stick to it. If its a blog about travel, stick to travel. If you are trying to write a post every day, write a post every day. If you get your blog’s aim nailed and your readers know what it is, they will keep coming back to the blog.
  6. Not sure about starting your own blog? Sign up to write for a larger or group blog, it can give you a chance to hone your skills. Meet other bloggers and socialize as much as possible. Swap tips, tricks, and twitter names.
  7. Get to point quickly; do not write endlessly to fill space, people will switch off and log out. Learn how to edit your own work, Twitter is great for honing this skill.
  8. Promote through Twitter and Facebook. Interact with your audience to find new content to write about.
  9. Content is image led, always try to find good quality images through sources like creative commons and ALWAYS credit. Or use your own!
  10. Never be afraid to flog your own book. even through the affiliate links. Or at blogging meet ups!

Image by L’Ubuesque Boîte à Savon via Creative Commons on Flickr


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