What I did at the weekend…

Quiet Weekend. I like those the best. Lots of sleep and simple pleasurable things like this:

Massaman Curry - Flickr via FotoosVanRobin

Tacita Dean at the Tate Modern

David Shrigley - It's Freezing in Here

Elizabeth Smart - By Grand Central Station I sat down and Wept

  • I have been slowly perfecting my own Thai Massaman recipe. It’s a combination of Rick Stein’s and adding my own range of spices & vegetables into the mix to jazz it up. I have almost got it nailed, so like Rosie’s Risotto I can add it to my list of culinary conquests.
  • Just as the current series has ended, I have become enthralled by The Million Pound Drop. It’s one thing to watch a game show, shouting the answers at the screen as you go along, but to play along live on your laptop is to really take part in a show, really feeling it in your stomach when half a virtual million goes down the spout. This is a true second screen experience that future TV shows need to aspire to.
  • Sunday was art day. I am deliberating over a Tate Membership, primarily because of the hours I spend gorging over the books in the shop so I want to take advantage of the discount. I’m not a big fan of video art, but Tacita Dean’s homage to all things cinema, silent and surrealist was enchanting.
  • I’m a big fan of David Shrigley, and his new exhibition at the Hayward Gallery didn’t disappoint. Even more deliciously funny in a gallery setting, he has new taxidermy tricks up his sleeve – keep an eye out for the rat!
  • This book has been sat in my books wishlist for weeks from one of those endless ‘read before you die books’. Elizabeth Smart is a talented writer and her story, which is the basis for this poetic prose is heartbreaking, but it’s defiantly confirmed I can’t read metaphorical works anymore. My brain is now unable to compute any of the language, I have tried and failed to read the Metamorphasis three times, only to re-read the same lines over and over again, unable to visualize a storyline. I need a plot that flows thick and fast, and maybe that’s what all the years of staring at a computer screen has done to me. However. if you are single, will be lonely on valentines day, and fancy a poetic weep, I heartily recommend By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept.

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