The Perils of Writers Block (and How to Overcome it)

“You seem bored. Why don’t you go and write something?”

I want to write. I have ideas. I want to put some effort into something productive. But, when it comes down to it, I just don’t have the energy. This, is writers block. I have experienced this feeling many times before, such when it took a week for me to nail out 200 words out of 10,000 dissertation, or when I’ve been asked to write some nice words about something I took no pleasure in, or even when I started this blog three years ago. But this time, things are worse. I can’t even find solace in a duvet PSP Wipeout session, or back-to-back seasons of the American Office. From the corner of my eyes I can see the computer staring me out, saying; “FEED ME CONTENT. NOW.”

I blame this hanger-on of an Autumn. The flu is being passed around London like a spliff at a party, making everyone feel eternally groggy. Christmas is rearing its ugly tinsle covered head, party after dinner after party means December is an eternal hangover. I am conserving all creative energy to prevent future liver failure.

There’s several ways to get around writers block, but I seem to be taking the procrastination route. I’ve already re-arranged my kitchen. Walks are apparently good for clearing the mental air, but I would rather fester on the sofa. I have attempted to make some brain food, which turned into some dubious looking soup. My flat is also looking pretty damn clean.

Writing about the block is one way to over come it – hence this post. Writing about your frustrations gets the words flowing, and before too long your brain is ticking as creatively needed. And it works. Trying to think creatively in different ways helps too. I’ve been doing a bit more experimentation with my photography recently, thanks to new filters and bokeh cut outs that fit over the lens. As long as I’m making and creating, I shouldn’t feel too bad that it isn’t words. But overall, sometimes the best thing to do is just walk away, and clear your head until the words come back.

Stuck yourself? There’s also some great writing resources here in  The 99percentCreative Boom, Lifehack, and this cute little zine, Marbles, is also great source of block-speration.




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