Huffington Poster

Exciting times! I have just started blogging for the Huffington Post, who in the last few months opened up their UK site. I am primarily going to be writing for the tech site to expand my writing skillset out from my usual art and culture. My first post went live today, a comment piece on the Sunday Times 2011 Tech list, and was featured on the Tech front page. Chuffed face!

I first got involved when a good friend introduced me to the project and the tech editor. However, the deal was really sealed when I went to the London Bloggers meetup and met some of the team who were looking to recruit new bloggers to the site. Sure, you are writing for free, but I love that you can link back to your own blog and there’s multiple links to your twitter and a feed on your profile. If you get posted the self promotional opportunities are huge, and will naturally promote me much better than some other websites I have written for in the past.

This will hopefully be the first post of many. Time to keep writing!


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