The Independent Feminist?

Exciting news. It wasn’t too long ago that my blog on tips for graduates entering the job market was featured in the jobs section of the Guardian. Last night, a friend got in touch and mentioned that they had I’d been quoted in an article in the Independent by  Paul Vallely about Apple and commodity fetishism. I giddily had a quick search, and low and behold, a year old piece I had written about the iPad as a male object as desire when it launched was quoted in Sunday’s paper. I had also been named, but as a feminist.

Obviously, I’m thrilled I’ve had a mention in a Sunday Paper. It’s actually one of my News Years Resolutions crossed off the list. The said friend is going to discuss the article in their media class the next day. But I’m a Feminist? Why has that label left a funny taste in my mouth?

I don’t think I would describe myself as a Feminist. I might have done two years ago, when I was read stacks of Feminist theory, was quoting the second Sex daily and de-constructing Mad Men’s Betty Draper through the gaze of the Feminine Mystique. But that piece is more about my life-long hatred for Apple products, with a side helping of anti patriarchy for good measure. That’s what anyone who would know me would say, but the language used in that piece makes be probably warrants that label on first glance.

I don’t wish to be labelled as a feminist, as I think (and this is the same for a lot of women) it is just one small part of my identity. I am also a writer, a creative person, a sub-editor, a web researcher, a tweeter, a friend, a sister, a daughter. But it was the label that was appropriate for the argument that Paul Vallely wanted to express, that Steve Jobs has transformed electronic desire. But an artists work speaks for itself, and in this case, it’s feminist.

Feminist aside, very very chuffed.

Big thanks to Stephanie Maciuk for the heads up.


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