Reading the Web – some stats

Today I attended a course on writing for the internet. It was very interesting and cemented most of my knowledge about online scanning and SEO keywords, but I found some tasty and enlightening stats that I thought I would share. Those looking for more info nuggets should also take a look at Jacob Nielson’s research on reading the web, which for me was also a new discovery.

What percentage of words are read on a webpage?

28 - Leo Reynolds on Flickr

28 - Leo Reynolds via Flickr

What percentage slower do we read webpages compared to physical documents/books/novels?

25 - Billa via Flickr

25 - Billa via Flickr

What percentage of online activity uses a search engine to find content?

80 - chrisinplymouth via Flickr

80 - chrisinplymouth via Flickr

What percentage of time is spent looking at the left/right sides of a webpage?

70 - duncan via Flickr          30 - Leo Reynolds via Flickr   

How many words of a paragraph do we read before we decide to read a entire webpage?

2 - Horrgakx via Flickr

2 - Horrgakx via Flickr


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