The Art Wall

For the 6th time in 6 years, I am moving. But this time it’s in with the boyfriend (gasp! maturity!), in what I can happily say is our dream flat. We’re very excited about having our own place, no more house sharing! I’ve already spent most of the weekend looking at interior decorating blogs like decor8 and artwall, and dribbling over shabby chic interiors. Previously I have had to tried to make my space seem homely and Rosie-esqe by making a wall. This is the current one that dominates my bedroom.

Some might call it a moodboard, some might call it a mess, but my wall is my little collection of memories and trinkets from years gone by. Such as for as just one example, the sticker on the jacket of a young Irish fellow carrying triple vodka slush puppie that my friend Caroline was (un)fortunate enough to meet at Bloc festival.

I’ve been buying lots of independent mags and zines over the last year, one of my favourites has been Fever Zine. When I ordered a copy to arrive through the post, this delightful stamp print greeted me on the back of the envelope, by one of the artists that’s featured in the magazine, Julia Pott. It’s a cute and playful illustration that reminds of the imaginary Ligers that littered Napoleon Dynamite’s school books, and the rest of her work is just as excitedly quirky.

This is the poster that came in the middle of the first issue of Shellsuit Zombie, another top class zine that you should have checked out yesterday. The work is by the eboy studio, one of the most popular collaborative groups who dub themselves ‘The Godfathers of Pixel’. I can’t tell if it’s a Robot or if it’s a Nuclear weapon disguised as a robot, but a ginger geek is at the controls so I can’t imagine it doing any harm!

This is a postcard that I picked up from a trip to the Saatchi Gallery British Art now exhibition late last year. This painting, By Edward Kay, is called The Bon Viveur, which is french for a person who enjoys the good things in life.  A pure celebration of in your face dickhead-ism. The crazy colored background was another poster from a fashion issue of Wallpaper magazine.

Pride of place is this super cute print I received as a birthday present from Ross – who has still failed to tell me who made it! It’s still hiding/being kept safe in the plastic, but I can’t wait to get a frame for it to hang in the center of the new wall in the new pad. Now to collect more memories for the year…


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