Haiku me up

Haiku is so hard to do.

I would try my own,

But I have only just got the hang of writing my thoughts in 140 characters.

If I was clever I would try to follow the Haiku rule and write this post completely a 7 5 7 syllable format, but trying to write poetry stifles my creativity. But not for the DBC collective. Poet Danny Wadeson has written a stack of poems inspired by nature and the world around him, and collaborated with illustrators Bonnie Friend, Emma Charleston and Christine Cant who also curated the show. Last night was the opening night, in a very packed downstairs of the Maison Bertaux tea room on Greek Street, London, UK.

Haiku exhibition

Most of the poems selected reflect the traditional type of Japanese poetry; a juxtaposition of two subjects, often selected from nature or the physical world around us.

Danny Haiku

His poems are juxtaposed well with the illustrations. The artists are have very different styles, Friend’s drawings are very traditionally faithful to the animal subject. Cant’s drawings are as metaphorical and transformative similar to the more inward and thoughtful poems, while Charleston’s work is a mixed bag of repeat patterns and linear drawings, that play with the poem’s theme as much as Danny plays with the structure of the Haiku.

Bonnie Friend's work

Christine Cant's work

Emma Charleston's Work

The exhibition is only open for one week, but is free and most defiantly work a visit. If the work doesn’t tempt you, then the perhaps the lovely cakes sold in the tea shop upstairs will. 🙂

Heart biscuit


4 thoughts on “Haiku me up

  1. Naughty comment. I am not called that.

  2. hi Francois,such beautiful pteory and photography you are very gifted I’m blessed that you swung by my blog earlier thank you may the wings of spirit lift you up from your melancholy place and rest in a bed of kindness and compassion to heal your darker corners. blessings,m

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