Zac Gorman’s Nintendo Cartoons

Here’s one for the gaming geeks that would choose Link over Lara any day.

Zac Gorman is an American illustrator who displays his love for the best Video Games by drawing cartoons about them. The drawings are as colorfully crude as the infantile sense of humor most young boys/men have when they first start exploring Mario’s pipe dream of what is underneath Princess Peach’s skirt. He draws old Nintendo games, and particularly the Legend of Zelda series, to humourous effect. I love the subtle animated gif inclusions to give the cartoon an extra lease of life. He even draws the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sells the prints online. A combination of all his work is documented on his blog.

Spotted via Shellsuit Zombie.


One thought on “Zac Gorman’s Nintendo Cartoons

  1. I can see that this is a talented artist. It may look simple but these creations obviously require skill and a great deal of time to perfect.

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