Make your own Graffiti Infographics

There are not enough infographics in the world. They transform dry and unappealing facts into visual and engaging stories. Some of my favorite infographic sources include Information is Beautiful, Visual Complexity, and Information Aesthetics. Now, thanks to Golan Levin, you can make your own.

Designed in just four hours during a F.A.T speed challenge, the “Infoviz Graffiti” is a stencil that can be downloaded from Levin’s blog and created at home. The design includes a set of re-arrangable letters, a pie chart with a movable sections and an arrow pointing to the portion your statistic represents. The materials you need; hard card, tape, craft knife, a bag to store the letters, are all easily obtainable. Creating your own political statements has now never been so easy. Can’t think of a hard hitting fact? Why not give some of these a go?

20% of children in the US live in Poverty. 22% of people in the UK live in poverty. (Poverty IRP)

60% of rapes go unreported to the police. Including this figure, only 6% of rapists serve jail time. (RAINN)

12.5% of the workforce in Science, Engineering and Technology are women. (Guardian)


Discovered via The Daily Good.


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