The How to Project – Michael Arnold

While doing my usual blog scanning I came across this brilliant series by 19-year-old British designer Michael Arnold. The How to Project was originally conceived as a way for Arnold to learn about the working process with a commercial printer, designing instructional how-to posters for learning useful skills from screen printing to cooking a breakfast. The project has grown from just producing one poster to a fantastic looking and recently relaunched online publication, promoting collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

How to Screen Print - Michael Arnold

How To Wear a Tie - Michael Arnold

How to Cook Breakfast - Michael Arnold

How to Camp at a Festival - Michael Arnold

It is a lovely and very well executed idea. Arnold’s attention to detail is outstanding, but I particularly like the humour employed in both the posters and the copy enticing you to buy from his shop. “You wouldn’t see Don Draper wearing a fat knotted tie would you? That’s because he has this. You’ll be feeling sartorial in no time.” Brilliant. And that T-shirt is a bargain!

All of these prints are available to buy from his shop, with each purchase going towards his next design. Arnold is currently on a gap year, but if he is producing work of this caliber at 19, who needs a degree?

Discovered via BLDG/WLF


One thought on “The How to Project – Michael Arnold

  1. I really like the cooking one, although they’re all pretty cool! “Real men cook breakfast for their women” – Damn Straight!! x

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