Photo experimentations at Beachy Head

Ever looking for wholesome weekend activities, rather than our prefered choice of a never-ending marathon of The Office watched via bleary hangover eyes, the boy and I took a trip to Beachy Head, just west of Eastbourne. He brought Cheese and Ham rolls. I brought my camera and new polarising filter. It was a beautiful afternoon of sublime weather and some not bad snaps. Some of the skies may be more white than blue – that damn sun getting in my way – but that will hopefully be a part of the photo learning curve.

Would really love to get more creative than taking the typical point and click holiday snaps. I’ve discovered the Photojojo blog and it’s marvelous shop. Gotta start experimenting with colored filters. Very tempted to get a disposable camera and mutilate it during a festival or two.

But until then, I will stick with taking holiday snaps.

Danger sign

Check out the rest of the photostream on Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Photo experimentations at Beachy Head

  1. A lovely set of images of Beachy Head. I haven’t photographed this area yet – I must do soon. I particularly like the shot of Beachy Head Lighthouse as the angle (obviously from the cliffs) makes the lighthouse look so insignificant – whereas in fact it isn’t and is quite an imposing structure. This just serves to show the scale of the landscape. Well done.

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