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This is a guest post written for the blog of a Brighton Based social Media company Narvi Media. Interestingly, since publishing the ASDA dating site it now automatically re-directs all enquiries to its partner site UK dating. It appears the partnership with ASDA was just a marketing ploy to get more members. Shame. The Hot or Not feature was full of winners.

Quedos to Alice for spotting the brilliance in the first place.

Supermarkets Play Social Dating Games

Cheesy gossip mags are full of those unusual stories of how people got together. Unsurprisingly supermarkets don’t really feature as a place to meet ‘the one’, and it doesn’t provide an exciting story for the future grandkids either:

“Our eyes met when both our hands reached for the last lonely tub of Carte D’Or. I looked at his basket, containing meals for one. He looked at mine, full of Whiskers. We knew we were made for each other…”

According to a recent survey by Asda; 71% of Men and 64% of women think that a supermarket is a better place to find prospective partners, almost half of them even go so far to analyse their shopping baskets at the checkout to see if they are single or not. To be fair that Meg Ryan Box set is a bit of a dead giveaway.

Taking this statistic as a golden opportunity to play cupid between the aisles, The UK supermarket chain Asda has set up an Asda dating website. I know. The social media sphere is laughing along with you. But it might not be too long before local rags all over the country are printing ‘we met on Asda dating’…

Joking aside, I think this is actually a genius idea. Fancying a piece of the $1 billion industry dominated by and eHarmony, Asda have also integrated the current web trend of social-commerce popularised by sites like Groupon and Living Social. Users share their shopping data to be set up with potential partners who share your taste in goods. Could it even influence the way shoppers behave in the supermarket? You wouldn’t necessarily want your potential suitors to know about your binges from snack isle, or that you have a regular Friday night date with a box of Mr Brain’s Pork Faggots.

The site is also packed full of community features to keep users regularly returning to the site for longer periods: users can upload diary posts, create quizzes, live chat with other users, and a hot or not feature. The site even has it’s own Agony Aunt. I do hope Dear Deidre doesn’t find herself out of a job.

Shortly after joining (for research purposes – honest) I was very quickly bombarded with messages, chat and friends requests, even before I uploaded a picture or inserted any info. This open and communication heavy tactic will probably scare some women away from the site, particularly if they are trying Internet dating for the first time. But overall, the site is an interesting business model and strengthens the customer bond with the brand in an unusual but inspired way. Other Internet marketers would be wise to take note.

Check out Asda dating for yourself here:


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