The Kitten Camp Meme machine

Following on from my previous Social Media shenanigans, last night I went along to the infamous Kitten Camp, hosted by Rubber Republic, an event solely dedicated to viral videos or as they are more affectionately known, memes. Memes and Viral videos are a little understood. As I learned last night, you can’t make meme. Or a viral. You can make a video, put it on the web, and hope it goes viral, and eventually become a meme. Generally, they don’t, unless they contain Cats. or Epics. Or Bieber. And what better than a real life Lol cat to share with you the hottest memes over the last month?

One of the hot topics this month was the music video of Radiohead’s new single ‘Lotus Flower’, which has had almost 4 million YouTube views since it dropped along with the album on friday. There was an interesting comment that the video was probably a deliberate attempt to encourage others to make a meme out of it. Judging this weekends twitter trending topics, it has defiantly worked as some of these remixes are a treat.

One of the fellows from Urgent Genius – who are about to start making videos with BBC comedy – said that for your content to be original you really need to try to add to the conversation, without repeating the noise everyone else is making. This is an interesting attempt to humour the Radiohead video, but I’m not quite sure it hit the nail on the head.

<iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I’m going to skip the cats as every weekly YouTube chart contains at least 3 videos featuring furry critters. Instead I’ll skip to that other annoying critter getting shot on CSI. By Jean-Claude Van Damme (not on CSI).

It was great to get a cherry picked choice of Viral sensations with just enough running commentary for it to feel fun yet informative. It was also great to hear helloyoucreatives spelling out to a crowd of zeitgeist loving creatives that stealing isn’t cool. However, as @getdancey pointed out, there are other memes in the world than ones made just for YouTube, and those are sometimes the most inventive and dazzling. Type 241543903 into Google and click images is just one brilliant example.

Kitten Camp filled its expectations of being a fun look at what is being shared on the internet. I will be returning for sure.

For the rest of the vids from this months kitten camp, check out the playlist. Cheers to the Viral ad network for the free beer 🙂


One thought on “The Kitten Camp Meme machine

  1. It was a great night and we really enjoyed meeting people – glad you liked it and I’m sure we’ll all meet again at the next event.

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