Playground Magazine

One of my goals for this year is to get something published in a magazine. A nice, independent, slick-looking and internationally respected magazine. I think it’s a pretty achievable goal, providing my words don’t stink. Too much.

In the meantime,I’m trying to get words in as many places as possible, so writing for zines is a good starting point. In 2008 I submitted an interview with New York Trouble & Bass Founder Drop the Lime and his partner in Grime Star Eyes to the Brighton uni based Show Pony zine, which produced just one issue in 2008. When I was asked late last year if I wanted to write about my internship experience for a feature in Playground magazine, I jumped at the chance and soon words were spilling all over the place.

Playground is a very respected zine also set up by Art and Graphic Design students at Brighton University in 2009. Created as a platform to celebrate their visual and written work, they have now produced 4 issues. The last of which, the SOS issue, has the feature ‘Inside information from the Interns’ which as the title suggests contains some tips and titbits from media graduates who have interned for companies such as E4, Alexander McQueen, GQ Magazine, and myself at BBC Blast. The magazine also features interviews with Amelia Johnstone, illustrator and founder of the RCA’s ARC Magazine, and James Langdon, designer and co-founder of Eastside Projects.

This issue asks contributors to respond to the theme of S.O.S, as we are about to descend upon dark times of major cuts in education and culture. The second half of the magazine responds to those opinions and visuals, as the two halves are bound together in a Z-fold or ‘lovers seat’ style binding. The blue & orange contrast is visually arresting but also helps intertwine the ongoing theme of two sides battling to come to a peaceful resolution, which it’s success I hope echoes reality (here’s hoping).

The magazine has already been blogged on top design blogs It’s Nice That and Manystuff. To pick up a copy Brightonians should head to Resident Records, Ink’d Gallery, The University of Brighton SU shop (Grand Parade) or the LMNOP Bookshop. Londonists can grab one via The ICA, while Edinburghites should shimmy on over to the Analogue Books. Or you can order online. Now you have no excuse not to.


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