Destroyed Apple products

Destroyed iPad

If you asked me if ‘I fancied an Apple’, without hesitation I would tell you to fuck off. My hatred for Apple is something I’ve documented  on this blog, and every day with the people around me trying to tell me otherwise. I have often thought about what would happen if someone took a gun to an iPhone or an iPad. Maybe it would shock people into realising that our obsession with consumerism and having the latest, overpriced unimportant gadget right now is unhealthy.

Michael Tompert and Paul Fairchild did just that in an exhibition in San Francisco last month. The idea came to Tompert after his sons were arguing over an iPod, and he smashed it on the floor. The pair then set work on obliterating 12 pieces of Apple-ware, saying: ‘it’s not about destroying old products. it’s about our relationship with the new.’

Maybe one day I will fully explain why I hate Apple so much. But until then I will gorge in the beauty of these destroyed pieces of Apple hardware.

Originally spotted on Juztapoz. Images from Designboom.

Destroyed iPhone

Destroyed iPhone


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