Jamie Wieck illustration

Saturday morning. Rather than crack on with the impending bug testing, I thought about opening google reader and having a little peruse. I didn’t get very far. This poster greeted me, which I instantly wanted to share. According to Jamie Wieck; “Some believe it’s sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll that makes a great album, but I beg to differ, they’ve obviously never heard a great kazoo solo.”

Intrigued, I started perusing his blog and I found some more visual delights. I particularly love this take on ‘The Joy of Sex‘, noting that there were no actual beards grown during this creative process. The design was nominated for the AOI cycling in London prize.

Any quiz or procrastination lovers will worship this design, attempting to solve the hard task of deciding what to eat in a restaurant in one epic flow diagram, a real issue for yours truly.

Wieck is a part of the Airside group and has spoken at Glug London. His blog features more of his brilliant work, some of which you can buy. Go check it out .

First spotted on BLDG//WLF.



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