Chris Maluszynski – Las Vegas Casino Carpets

Chris Maluszynski /MOMENT

We have all seen a hideous carpet in our time, probably at Grandma’s house. But these Las Vegas Casino carpets go beyond migraine inducing to become almost magical. Chris Maluszynski spent four years documenting the action below the poker table.

But why so loud? There are many reasons. The bright colours tend to camouflage dropped poker chips, while the loud patterns disguise potential spillages. Studies also suggest that loud colours draw people in and spend money, like in the sale signs in shopping malls. While it may seem that these carpets lack any design ethic, game theorist Dave Schwartz says that the “casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble,” with the Roman wheel of fortune being a prominent feature.

I love these magic carpets. The garish the better. And I hate casinos.

First spotted in Creative Review – October 2010, also featured on Wired.


One thought on “Chris Maluszynski – Las Vegas Casino Carpets

  1. Oh Christ. I have serious carpet apathy but those are really cool.

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