Dirty Found

Ever since I subscribed to Stack a little over a year ago, I have fallen in love with independent magazines hard and fast. Every month the letter box flips and I excitedly bounce off the walls, never knowing what delights will be inside until I unwrap the brown paper. Highlights over the year have included Fire and Knives, IDN, SupManzine, and occasionally I get a cute zine like Shellsuit Zombie or the latest from the Newspaper Club. I am surprised I haven’t written a post about Stack before, it really is the most amazing things to happen to publishing, I really believe that surprise subscription services like this could save the industry.

The highlight of last weeks bank holiday was discovering Magazero, where I perused through a large but eclectic catalogue of magazines, all from the comfort of my own bed. I purchased Beautiful/Decay; a stunningly produced creative cauldron that would sit beautifully on one’s coffee table, Gym Class Magazine; for the alternative urban gentleman who has surpasses the cool of Vice, Carbusters; an anti-auto mobile journal from Prague, Nude; a very cute counter-culture mag without the hint of any nipples, and Dodgem Logic, which is as beautifully twisted but enlightening as the rest of Alan Moore‘s work.

However, one of my purchases stands out head and tales above the rest. I have been a massive fan of Found for some time now – not to be confused with the equally brilliant yet time dissolving ffffound. People love discovering and sharing found notes and trinkets (e.g: my story of my kids jacket), particularly piecing together the hilarity of how that note came to be. Found is an American magazine shares such gems with the world. While the website and find of the day blog is popular, the physicality of the magazine executed is much more charming, resonating the nostalgia of a high-school yearbook.

But the issue I ordered was slightly saucier version. Dirty Found has love letters, smut letters, personal ads, personal photos, even dirty drawings you would expect to find at the back of a year 9 biology text book. While categorically pornographic, some entries leave you laughing, surprised, and as you would expect; disgusted. If you ever ‘lose’ a dirty picture of yourself – this probably should be the first place you should look.

Quite possibly the best magazine I have ever bought.


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