The life and times of a BBC creative trainee…

I have put off writing this post for a while so I can double-check with the powers that be exactly what I can and can’t say on this blog about my internship. I have a round-about idea, I just can’t go into too much detail about the content I am producing until it is out into the public sphere… if that makes sense.

So it makes sense for you to start with the blog post on the BBC Blast message boards introducing myself and briefly explaining my first week, which you can read here.

Read it? Right. Now I shall continue in more detail.

I am living in a sick location in central London. Shoreditch reminds me so much of the best bits of Brighton. I feel so at home here, but the 100’s of curry houses at the bottom of Brick Lane are going to do my lactose intolerant stomach no favours. Ironically I am living in student halls, which considering I never got in them in my first year, are practically empty, and that I’m being put up by the beeb is all a blessing.

The icing on the cake is that I am also living with two other lovely creative trainees; Louise, who is a petite diamond from the emerald isle working for Blast TV, and Anna, who is jammily working on Nick Grimshaw’s mid-week late night show. I seriously recommend her blog for entertaining stories of her traineeship, she a vivacious girl with a fantastic taste in music, she is going to have the best placement ever. Other blogging trainees include Richard who is also interning at Radio 1. I arranged a little night out with some of the trainees that have already started last weekend and as you can imagine… its was a blast (ahem).

What about me at Blast Online? Well, my first week was a little crazy. Monday morning the news hit the press the BBC trust review. While some were extactic that 6Music would be staying open for the foreseeable future, the department that I had just started working for would be closing by early 2011. Just the kind of things you would want to hear on your first day!

Regardless of the news, the team have done everything to help me to settle in, including being especially lovely. Anthony, another creative trainee, and Dolly have shown me the ropes webwise, while my mentor Hannah is letting me get very involved in a Dr Who/Sarah Jane Adventures competition. I have researched and written my first film script and will even be going on location for the first time next week. It’s very exciting stuff; when I got the placement I didn’t dream I would be doing such a diverse array of practical things that are helpful to the production of a content reliant website – it’s all fantastic experience. And I have been too busy to get my grubby mits on the social media yet… 😛

I am also going to be documenting my experience and work to complete the Silver Arts Award, which will hopefully add another dimension to my CV. Part of it will mean I will also be attending a Blast tour date and (hopefully) taking part in some of the fantastic workshops that Blast offer and seeing the confidence boosting for creative 13-19 year olds first hand.

The whole thing is cementing my thoughts on working in online media – this is defiantly a career I want to pursue and would really enjoy.  If I want to stay in the BBC or not I have yet to decide, but I am going to enjoy every minute of it while I am here. 2 weeks down, 6 to go…


3 thoughts on “The life and times of a BBC creative trainee…

  1. Ropo,
    Loving your blog! you certainly have a way with words and am very jealous! you sound like you have settled in and its going to be amazing for you so am well chuffed!
    looking forward to next instalment!
    your BFF x

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