Big Bang Big Boom – a new video by Graffiti artist Blu

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace the savage races throughout the world.” – Charles Darwin

All life starts with a bang. The rate that things are going – life will finish with an even bigger one.

One of my favourite stop motion graffiti animators has produced a new video. I first blogged about the Italian artist Blu back in September last year, when a friend introduced me to the wonder of Muto. His latest video, Big Bang Big Boom, has all the elements of his earlier work – a scratchy and jagged film shot in a derelict urban environment. This 10 minute clip took over a year to put together and for the first time Blu incorporates 3D materials into natural environments through a narrative to make his imagination come alive.

Many of the YouTube comments say that the video is pointless and ugly. I disagree. The doodling nature of the artwork is a part of the video’s charm and reflects traditional notions of street art being grotesque in abandoned urban spaces. The whole film is an interpretation the Darwinian theory of evolution; starting with the big bang, life forms evolving into animals, before finishing with a poignant reflection on the human race’s mission of destruction. I found the scene of the rolling rubbish on the beach particularly striking as I was thinking about the heartbreaking BP oil spill.

Must see. I expect to see this style of art influencing others and being picked up by forward thinking advertisers very soon.

Originally posted on Juxtaposed Magazine website.


One thought on “Big Bang Big Boom – a new video by Graffiti artist Blu

  1. Ropo,
    Thanks so much for introducing me to this guys stuff! without you i would have no idea about arty things and the coolness of this guy! LOVE IT!!!!! love BFF x

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