The Verse – June and my last issue as features editor…

As regular readers of my blog will already know, this year I have been heavily involved with the organisation and revamp of Brighton University’s student newspaper. It was known as the Pebble until April this year, when a small group of us with no previous experience took a course, redesigned the paper and re-named it The Verse. The last issue for this academic year came out this week and is my last issue as features editor.

The paper is available from all Brighton University student union offices, On the Big Lemon Bus and copies can be picked up in the Odeon Cinema on West Street.

This months issue may be slightly shorter, but doesn’t skimp out on quality with some fantastic features. I wrote and laid out a festival feature on Beach Break Live and Lounge on the Farm (which also features a competition to give away a pair of tickets for each festival), as well as a piece on the graduate show. My Great Escape Diary and Photography is also featured in music a few pages later. Due to my co-editors uninvolvement in the last issue I took the opportunity to get some keen potential editors for next year involved writing and laying out the food and fashion pages, which I think also look great. Overall the paper is an improvement on last month’s both visually and content wise.

It’s quite sad for me to let go of this project, now or in September. Working on the paper has opened so many doors for me, I know that I wouldn’t have my BBC placement without the experience or met so many fantastic Brightonians over the last year. It has been stressful, we have made major errors mistakes, but it has been such an enriching and invaluable experience. I have enjoyed working with the team and wish everyone one of you the best of luck in the future. Even Virginia. Really Really Really.

A new editorial team will be elected in September, but I will be keeping an eye on the email boxes until the handover. If you would like to reach out to the student community email us on: contactverse at


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