The Brighton Graduate Show – History of Art and Design

This week is going to be a melancholy week. We have we just sent of our final issue of this years Verse to the printers, my last issue as features editor. Today was also my last meeting with my dissertation tutor to chat about my exhibition piece, as a part of the Burt, Brill and Cardens’ Graduate Show.

Taking place along the main graduate show at Grand Parade, the school of historical studies have a similar show in which the students make a small display of their dissertation topics. While our shows are not as heavily weighted as the other arts graduates – with only 5% going towards the final grade – it is also important in that it is one of the few opportunities we have to convey our ideas visually and to the public. It an important skill if one wants to go into museum curating. Thankfully I don’t, this is more of a fun project for me where I can showcase my research on gender and video games.

I had a hand in picking the invitation, which I love, but I am not so sure the staff are as excited about:

The invitation was designed by a second year Graphic Design student, Jenny Shayler. Her design is based on the idea of the surrealist parlour game of exquisite corpses, or the drunken game of consequences. The images in the design all relate to the images used in our dissertation titles – can you guess which one relates to mine? I love this design, because it is an informal visual representation that relates to all of our research yet also encompassing it as a whole. However, I think other members of staff prefer something more typographical and formal. But I prefer something that I can stick on my collage wall.

Anyway, all are welcome to the private view, which is the day after the official graduate show at Grand Parade.

Saturday 5th June: 3pm – 5pm

10 – 11 Pavillion Parade (Next to the Marlborough Arms). RSVP: Martina Knight – 01273 643086

General Viewing times:

Sun 6th June 12pm – 6pm

Mon 7th – Thurs 10th June:  12 – 4pm


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