Things I can’t wait to do once I graduate

  • Sort out my music collection.
  • Download more music to fill deleted gaps.
  • Do a system restore on my computer. Realise mid-way I didn’t back everything up. Lose all my music.
  • Have a week where everything is completely overwhelming and cry daily.
  • Man-up.
  • Watch films without having to analyse them.
  • Look at paintings without having analyse them.
  • Have a S06 Lost orgy. Analyse it.
  • Spend a week in bed, doing nothing but playing Final Fantasy (band and game).
  • Start a ‘find of the day’ blog.
  • Think of a less wankier name for ‘find of the day’ blog.
  • Go for walks with no destination in mind that always seem to meander via the beach.
  • Get sunburnt and sick of the beach.
  • Take half my unfitting wardrobe to the charity shop.
  • Fill the new void with slimmer items.
  • Hand wash those two wool cardigans that have festerd in the corner of my room for 6 months.
  • Realise that smell will now never go away.
  • Learn how to read for pleasure again.
  • Write because I want to, not because I have to.
  • Start dating again.
  • Start a diary again. Start it with good intentions, but fill it boy peril.
  • Decide to put my boy peril to good use and start an anonymous blog of my dating stories.
  • Fall in love.
  • Get my heart broken.
  • Delete said blog for fear of libel action. Realise I will forever be a spinster.
  • Realise instead that my purpose in life is to create Ladytrouble (a magazine, not lesbian heartache).
  • Move to London.
  • Miss Brighton.
  • Realise when it’s too late that I had the time of my life at the BBC.
  • Move back to Brighton and miss London.
  • Go to Bestival. Meet random people. Dance like there is no tomorrow.
  • Realise in a true Jean Brodie style that I have just lived the prime years of my life. Let a part of my soul die.
  • Join the rat-race.
  • Daydream about going to university again.
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    3 thoughts on “Things I can’t wait to do once I graduate

    1. All of these are admirable activities. Don’t let a bit of your soul die, yours is the best one I know and it must live on. Also, that smell will never go away. I know whats causing it, and believe me, its too late.

      PS – You should resolve to wear thaat blue dress more, its real nice.

    2. Aww thanks Alex, that really means a lot to me for you to say that. 😀 Even my special stench.

      Which blue dress do you mean? The one with the roses? That is a fantastically curvaceous number I have to say. :p

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