The Verse Launch Party – Postponed but previewed!

Some of you may be looking at this blog for the first time to see what is going on with the launch of Brighton University’s student newspaper. We have had to reschedule tonight’s launch to next Thursday.  It is very unfortunate to do this so last minute due to a variety of technical hurdles that we have attempted to overcome, which eventually meant that the paper would not be arriving on time. However I have just had it coinfirmed that it is being printed as I type this, hooray!

It was only three days ago, after a week in Grand Parade Media suite learning InDesign keyboard shortcuts, that we exported 40 PDF pages of our new student publication, the Verse. For our tiny team with little/no previous design experience (except for our graphics whizz kid Emma Charleston) this was a fantastic achievement. We all patted ourselves on the backs and set off home. I still had my dissertation looming over me, waiting to get bound and gagged.

Then the bad news: technology happened. Little things kept tripping us up and holding up the print. Resolution, pictures: every issue that we ironed out revealed another crease.

Yesterday, after I spent ridiculous amounts of money on a yard of patterned fabric to celebrate our achievements, I found out that the paper would not be arriving on time. The news was overwhelming. However, these things do happen. Anyone that works with computers will know that Microsoft is guaranteed to throw a spanner in the works on deadline day.

We are still very proud of our achievements and we know that we have put together the best student newspaper that Brighton University has ever seen, both stylistically and editorially. As originally planned, the paper will still go out to Brighton University students on Monday and the team will be out at various campuses to meet and greet. While the delay is disappointing, we will learn from our technological mistakes and pass on our new-found knowledge to the next years team. This will not hold us down!

But until Monday, here is a sneak peak of what we have in store for you lucky people, click below to view the PDF.

Page 6 – News – Digital economy bill

Pg 14 – Fashion

For any more information, please get in touch with the team at

Rescheduled Event:

Thursday 29th April,

Above Audio, 6-8


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