BBC Blast Creative Traineeship – Training day

Yesterday I hopped on an early morning train to London for my training day with the BBC. As I commented in a previous post, I have been offered a creative traineeship with BBC Blast. Blast is an outreach programme, primarily designed at 13-19 year olds to get them actively creating. Its primary base is the website, which I will be working on, where people can upload their content and enter exclusive competitions. But they also have a tour; Blast trucks go around the country to designated sites, where people can come along and create things first hand. This is a fantastic public service provision like no other, and is unfortunatly being threatened by the Cuts proposal. It is possible that this may be the last year that the creative trainee scheme may be running, so we have been told to make as much noise about it as possible, tell the world how amazing Blast is and how we can’t lose it. Young talent really needs to be nurtured and encouraged to grow, or else how can the BBC make new and fresh programmes?

Anyway… my placement. I turned up to the BBC, went to the wrong building (again) and met the rest of the creative trainees. There were about 15 of us, but two from Ireland weren’t able to make it because of the Volcanic ash currently dominating the skies. Everyone was really lovely, brimming with confidence, with a reportoire of exciting things under their belts. More girls than boys and lots of blonde girls though (about 2/3’s of the group) but maybe I am thinking that because of this I read a few days ago. I really need to work on my name learning skills, because people seemed to remember mine, but I could never remember anyone else’s.

We watched a few videos of last years trainee’s work, including a section of a Muse documentary that Hayley Clarke – the lovely lady that I found out about the placement from – put together. It became clear during the 8 week placement the trainee’s learnt so much and that the work that the trainee’s were producing was of a very high quality, in some cases did go to broadcast. It was great to hear that most of the trainee’s were able to find work pretty quickly afterwards, and some were still working in the BBC or in Blast.

After lunch – a giant toad in the hole – we are asked to get to know each other a little further via a creative exercise. We were all given a piece of equipment, either a camera, audio recorder, or camera and asked to make something telling the rest of the group more about each other. The group I was in had the audio recorder and we set about making a Mr and Mrs style quiz show, where we asked each other questions, guessed the answers and found out the real ones. None of them were serious, as some of the answers involved Noel Edmonds fashion sense, and Meryl Streep in a pink Bikini. Needless to say, we got a few laughs from the rest of the group.

Then we set off to meet our supervisors. I had been chatting to Anthony, my co-trainee throughout the day and we wandered over to the Blast office together. We met the rest of the team, who are all very lovely, found out about the projects we would be working on and confirmed our start dates.

I start in July. Better get my creative thinking cap on and come up with some good ideas… I can’t wait to get started!

P.S: Does Being a creative trainee mean that I can now call myself Peggy?


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