Verse (re)launch party – Press Release

Blimey. Two days on a Mac and I have become an InDesign Princess – under Hannah who will always be my editorial Queen. Pages are looking good so far. I was doing the games and blog page today, which partly made me feel guilty about not doing my dissertation and also made me remember to post up our press release.

Invites went out yesterday, which look nebulously fabulous, which I will post here after the event. RSVP’s are coming back and we are all starting to get pretty excited.

In the meantime, cast your eyes over the press release, co-written by me and Hannah, which has been sent out along with the invites to the right media people. Hopefully :p

The Pebble is dead- long live The Verse!

Nine students from the University of Brighton are re-launching the student newspaper. The editorial team will be showcasing the newly named The Verse to Brighton’s academia and local businesses on Friday 23rd April at Above Audio. Under its new name, the paper will be part of three branches of student media; including Burst Radio, and the Brighton University Broadcast Society.

The Pebble was started three years ago by Alex Rahaman and has always been under control of the Student Union. This is the first time in its history that students are taking full responsibility for the content, design and advertising, with a determination to make the student voice heard in the local community.

To help with the production process, four editors completed a part-time NCTJ diploma in sub-editing. This took place at Journalist Works in the offices of the Argus. Having students design and lay out the paper themselves will save the University over £10,000 per year. In the long term, the plan is to make the publication completely self-funded through local advertising.

Notes for Editors:

The Verse editorial team:
News – Alice Atwood
Sports – Fareha Lasker
Features- Rosie Rogers & Virginia Silberberg
Visual Media – Genevieve Oller and Ben Browne
Music – Ellinor Siljeström
Sub –Editors – Hannah Swindon & Martin Clayton

The Verse is a monthly publication, with the last issue coming out on May 24th. The University of Brighton has a student population of over 21,000 and over 1000 staff. 5000 copies of the paper are distributed to all campuses. From April, it will be available on the Big Lemon bus.

For more information, email


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