BBC Blast Creative traineeship

As I have publicly announced it via Twitter and Facebook, its probably a good idea for me to write a little about my acheivement on my blog. Probably should of done it first via here…

So… Tuesday was my interview with the BBC. I have been so gloriously excited about since since I found out I was shortlisted, telling anyone that would listen. I obtained good advice from Paula at the Journalist works and my tutors. The key was preparation, preparation, preparation and go armed with ideas and questions.

On the day, I giddily went to the wrong building, but still managed to turn up early and read the in-house magazine while waiting for my interview. Both the team members that interviewed me were lovely and were really intrigued to find out more about my experince. I think it is my interest in social media underpinned by my creative background that made me shine that little bit more, not to mention the fact that I was grinning like a chesire cat the whole way through.

I had an offer confirmed in writing just over 24 hours later. The job is a two month traineeship working in London for the BBC Blast website. It is a fantastic incentive to get 13-19 year olds actively creating and showcasing their work, from music, art, fashion, writing… they can engage with other young people to stimulate ideas for their work and get tips from in-house videos featuring celebrities on how to create and get noticed; this vid by John Burgerman caught my eye. They also have a great road show that tours the country at the start of the academic year which we featured in the Pebble back in November, but I will be primarily working on the website and using social media to engage young people. Because I want to go into on-line PR and journalism, this opportunity is a dream for me. It will hopefully kick off on July – to say I am extremely excited is a massive understatement.

How in God’s name I am going to be able to concentrate on my uni work now I do not know.


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