The Fear – Playground magazine

I caught the fear big time this week. I avoided tutorials, procrastinated over my dissertation and went on a mental roller-coaster as the realisation of the end of my degree hit hard. Graduation day is 26th July. I think I am washing my hair. Plus the news that the BBC are cutting back their services means my chances of landing an internship with them are diminishing fast.

So… rather than do anything really productive; I answered other peoples emails, attended a press conference (more about that in tomorrow’s post), and attended pebble shaped meetings. One of them was with some lovely and talented Grand Parade students at Playground magazine, in an attempt to get more graphic design students on board with the Pebble redesign. Their minizine is a celebration of the diverse creative talent that Brighton’ students have to offer, with their second issue coming out soon. They were keen to get involved with us spread the word, which is good news. They even wrote a post about us on their blog, which was nice of them.


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