BBC Creative Internships – eternal applications

I have just spent the last two days pouring my soul into a 1500 word description of my employability for work experience. I know too well this is the just the beginning of many internship applications, interviews and disappointments… this ladies and gentlemen, is the end of studentdom, and the beginning of cold hard life.

I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I was wise enough to know some time ago to get as much experience under my belt as possible, so that when D-day came, I wouldn’t be scared. While most third years I know have caught ‘the fear’ good and proper, I am embracing the prospect of working 9-5 with both arms and a cheeky smile.

I can’t deny that that the two days I have spent applying the BBC creative internship scheme haven’t been a  little gut wrenching. While there are 12 schemes to apply for (I went for 5), each has to be done separately. I chose the easy option and wrote a script in word for some extreme Ctrl+ action, which is generally favoured against, but I did specify in the initial question why I chose that particular placement, putting more effort and a general ‘pick me!’ attitude across in the BBC Three and Blast Website places.

This was the final statement, saying why I should be a BBC creative trainee. Modesty is not my strong point.

I feel I have a range of skills I would be beneficial this department; great communication and time management skills, the ability to think on my feet and generate ideas, bags of enthusiasm and self motivation to succeed. I am confident, bubbly, have an infectious sense of humour and above all, am creative. I work well under pressure, never crumbling before a deadline, but I always play as hard as I work afterwards. I am a keen cultural discoverer, try to read and absorb as much as I can, as well as sharing my findings with as many people as possible. I would relish the opportunity to share my discoveries with the public.

I know that the opportunity to work for the BBC would be a fantastic opportunity that I would throw myself into to get the best possible experience. I am willing to try my hand to anything, willing to step outside of my comfort zone, because I know that these situations are where creativity thrives.


5 thoughts on “BBC Creative Internships – eternal applications

  1. Just noticed a monumental sentence structure error on the first sentence. Epic FAIL.

  2. totally agree with Rosie…soon as they spot that error ure done for,,,,another mistake u did was the use of ‘am’ instead of ‘I’m’ ,,,,yet another EPIC FAIL…

    Wish you the best of luck tho ! (hopefully they’ll over look it 😛 )

    • Sorry to be picky but as a fellow wannabe hack, I thought I should point out that you also used a confusing double negative in this sentence:

      “I can’t deny that that the two days I have spent applying the BBC creative internship scheme haven’t been a little gut wrenching”

      It should be “I can’t deny that … have been…” or “I can’t claim that… haven’t been” or something similar. Proofreading is everything my dear! Good luck to you. As a fellow graduate, with no job, I feel your pain.

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