Face off at Factory Brighton

Last night a few of the girls and I stumbled up to Phoenix, where the launch night of FACTORY was being held. Featuring music from the folkily fabulous and always colourful The Half Sisters, this art event was curated by Victoria Melody, who was performing her work Face off in the main foyer.

The work consisted of her taking your picture and then scrutinising your facial features through American E-fit software to compile your criminal profile. Watching your face go through an avatar-isation as she scrolled through the typical features is a very unnerving process. Supposedly those with receding foreheads are more likely to be criminals, and I luckily possess sunken ‘psycho’ eyes. One thing is for sure, you are likely to not look anything like your criminal e-fit. I find it a very disturbing thing that even as individualistic as Brightonians can be, we can be categorised right down to the shape of our nose.

Icle reveiw of the evening and Eleanor Whiteman’s photography will be featured in the the pebble. Not quite sure what to say yet, as I am still trying to work out how many canaries were harmed in the process of making ‘that’ jumper worn by a member of Passiondale, and if Jimmy Saville is actually a genius.


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