Musical Triple – Monarchy, Mirrors and Delphic

I have been lucky enough to check out quite a few bands this week, as a meaty more exciting filler in a club sandwich of deadlines.

Last Friday, thanks to tweet from the recommender I encouraged the girls to check out Monarchy, a band shrouded in mystery by the Guardian’s band of the day. So mysterious in fact, that when they came on I was unsure if it was actually them, or local band Kinema that eventually followed them. Supposedly a world exclusive as the Hector’s House chalk board told the world (but failed to reveal on their website), Monarchy played catchy psychedelic pop with a twinge of regal majesticness. Synthy without being too synthetic, their delicous screams soon pulled us from our elavated seats to bum shaking in the front row, but I hope the translucent glitter vests were an exploration in performance costume, as I fear it’s just a matter of time before the face paint comes out (a la empire of the sun).

One gig that I have been looking forward to all week was a double whammy of Brightonian’s Mirrors supporting one of the band’s of the moment; Delphic. The former, I have been aware of for a while as they played at Loop last year and was probably more excited about seeing. The 80’s revival is still going evermore into the tenties, with dapper suits and jungle of synthesiser circuitry. The boys all looked like they were having fun, particularly as the lead singer dipped into his bank of dance moves that Napoleon Dynamite might aspire to have saved. I have to admit, I was lusting.

Delphic, boasted an lightshow that denied the presence of any epileptics within a mile radius. They were good, polished and progressive but a little too much so, which seams a little recumbent about bands that are on the BBC’s one’s to watch list. While I do have a soft spot for their remixes and there was a slight hint of them in the instrumental connectors, it just reminded me too much of all the typical Indie music that I always get bored by.

Oh, and we saw James Lance. Again. That boy gets around.


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