NCTJ Sub-editing

I find it really frustrating when people (particulary on my course) post their Facebook status of something along the lines of “I hate 3rd year!”  While I understand that 3rd year of uni can be an unexpected pile of pressure and work, I am personally thoroughly enjoying it, probably because I am welcoming every new experience with open arms and always seeking out more. While at the moment I don’t think my uni work is suffering through my Pebble commitments, the skills I have learning, even from the last 3 months, will be more useful than everything I have learnt on my degree in the last 3 years. And thanks to my schmoozing, the learning curve is now about to get steeper 🙂

Today was the first day of a Saturday NCTJ sub-editing course a few of the editors and I are attending. Its a fast track ten week course where we get to grips with Quark (so also learning Indesign); basic photo shop, journalist law, headline writing and most importantly, how to edit copy. Even after one day my head is buzzing with ideas of how we can make the pebble a million times better, even with the basic introduction of a style guide: something that the editors always discussed in a round about way but never knew the definition. Now I am looking through magazines and newspapers analyzing their typography and creative styling. Today was a basic introduction, and basic tool learning of Quark and basic newspaper design spec. I would upload the sheet but it could be potentially embarrassing, even when I look back on it a few weeks later.

Here is a link to the the Brighton Journalist works, where I am doing the course. It great so far; in the offices of the Brighton Argus, small class with other nice people and a great tutor. Lets hope I don’t expose myself as a terrible writer and a grammatical fool.


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