The Pebble is starting to take a mind of its own now. Martin, our newly appointed head editor, has just set up facebook and twitter accounts for our Brighton uni student paper – 70 members already in 18 hours! Hopefully when the new issue comes out we can see what our readership is really like, get feedback on comments… the online possibilities are endless!

As always, I have been sent quite a few stories last minute. Have managed to get a MA student running an arts night at the coachwerks called ‘Stray Signals’ to regulary contribute a poetry/short story corner, and next issue we will have a student running a comedy night providing a monthy ditty. I have also been doing investigative work of my own, but more about that at the later date. Things from me this month, a spotlight peice on Chris Cunningham in preperation for a live Brighton show later this year and a collaborative peice looking at the forgotton joys of the mix-tape, with Ellie the music editor, as well as the usual events diary.

Should be out in student union offices on the 25th January. Though I haven’t submitted anything yet so I had better get cracking…


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