office party shame

Oh the fatal Christmas office party. One of the high points of the Christmas season quickly succeeded by the lowest points of social shame the morning after. Events of the previous night always come back to you in a flood of horrible flashbacks that are bound to come back to haunt you Monday morning.

Last night I attended ‘Jingle Bollocks’ at the comtempary Brighton artspace the Basement. The night featured and joyous frivoloty of an alternative panto entitled Christmas Dinner by a mancunian theatre troup Until Thursday, gambling mayhem with two very wrong ladies dressed as swans, and a cheesy disco run by sailors. They even had a photocopier behind a hidden screen for everyone to photocopy their random body parts at their pleasure. It was a great night.

Quite a few Brighton companies had their Christmas party at the event. Throughout the panto the very drunken table next to us were  shouting obscenities in panto style at the cross dressing German baroness, which while at first was funny, quickly became very irritating. But then they were funnier to watch when the disco started… people watching under the influence is one of the funniest things in the world. The event had a great social vibe; as the booze was flowing ever more it was easy enough to start random conversations with other people. Very embarrassed that I spilled an entire pint on the dance floor. Even more embarrassed at the response I got when I asked rather handsome young man why he had a slight bald spot on his head (my attempts at flirting always end in an epic fail). I am also sure that when I remember why I rocked up back at my house at 3am with a Christmas pudding and a G-Force hamster doll/toy in my grubby claws, the most embarrasing fail will make me cringe until I do something even more drunkenly terrible (New Year then).

Lets hope my own office party is a little less embarrassing… and everyone else feels just as terrible…


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