Portrait miniatures – Framing Intimacy

One of my uni projects this term was a group case study project on portrait miniatures. We were put into groups, given a topic and a tutor and told to divide work up equally between us. We decided to keep our work quite broad and cover the whole history of miniatures since the beginnings of their popularity in the 16th Century before arguing that portrait miniatures are still present with us here is the digital age.

I am too much of a perfectionist. Maybe more borderline anal. I was getting pretty stressed this week with the whole set up of everything… being over meticulous. We decided to situate the text and pictures in frames, all in different style relating to the period. At first our tutor thought the concept could look something like the Royal Academy hang. We also had a object table with examples of portrait miniatures, photos of trips to museums and archives and our log book. I think it was important for our display to be different from  text and pictures on the board to stand out; being able to interact with the objects  in an intimate way like they would of been in their initial context.

Today was group presentation day. I had a pebble social last night, which ended up in Oceania. Thankfully, it put me in good spirits. Seeing the display under a boozy haze left me much more positive, proud of our work and excited about the presentation to give. I think it went really well, the display looked great and I really proud of us all! Great job guys… I am still on a high!


One thought on “Portrait miniatures – Framing Intimacy

  1. Wow loved reading your article. I submitted your feed to my google reader.

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