New pebble, new problems?

Again this morning I awoke to feeling of overwhelming dread and suspense that would only be eradicated once I got my grubby little mits on the Nov issue of the Pebble. I am always excited to see what the paper will look like, expecting that it will be better than before and hoping that everyone else likes it as much as I do. Not that I get to hear the comments!

First impressions… good. Bulkier, but the content is much better than before. Meatier might be the word of choice, more for all kinds of students to sink their teeth into. The fact we have a response to a previous article shows the readership is growing. I am also much happier with my pages, but most of that falls to the writers for providing such good articles (particulary the article about HR Giger lol). So glad the photography came out well, I think having at least 2 images per article really helps the pages look good and read well. However, on closer inspection the layout has again opened a few problems, omissions (including an ad I placed for help with my dissertation) and wide open spaces in some cases. It appears this was felt by the whole team, so design needs to be investigated for future issues. But overall I am definatly proud of the whole thing, we have all put in a lot of hard work and should be proud of ourselves.

But on a much sadder note… Joel is leaving the SU for another job! This means the whole project now rests on the editing teams shoulders. Martin has offered to be the coordinator for the whole project, which means most of the communication between the outside world, the SU and the team will be via him (otherwise things could get messy). He is also pushing forward taking the Pebble live online, which will be fantastic. Otherwise, it means more pressure and responsibilities for us. I hope the whole thing doesn’t go downhill after Joel’s departure. But I am sure Martin can keep in sense of humor, sometimes I wonder if I take the whole thing a little too seriously…

Anyway… best of luck Joel, I am sure we will survive without you!

Once a copy is available online, I will post up for your viewing pleasure. Otherwise… its in the post yeah?


One thought on “New pebble, new problems?

  1. If you put this much thought into it I just know the paper will go from strength to strength!

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